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Foot Fetish Products

What exactly is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. In other words, feet, toes, and ankles turn you on. The correct term is Podophilia.

This particular preference for feet can vary from person to person.  Some people are turned on just by looking at feet. Others may find painted nails, jewellery, or other adornments appealing.  Still others get sexual satisfaction in foot treatments, such as massaging or worshiping feet.

Is it common?

Foot fetishism is considered a mainstream sexual kink. That is, it’s more commonly talked about and understood than some other types of fetishes.  One study Trusted Source found that almost half of people surveyed said they had a fetish with feet, or podophilia.  Just like with clothing preferences or music styles, sexual kinks vary.  Every person is attracted to — or even repelled by — things others may consider mundane.

This information was taken from https://www.healthline.com/health/foot-fetish

please pop onto their site for an interesting read!

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