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Inflatable Sex Aid Pillow

£25.99 +Tax


Inflatable Sex Aid Pillow

These Inflatable Sex Aid Pillows will help you act out your wildest bedroom fantasies enabling you to assume any position without sliding or slippage thanks to the flocking material.  Made to enhance comfort, they offer great support giving you endless possibilities and allowing you to explore impressive and orgasmic positions.  Particularly good for people with restricted mobility. The pillows are easy to inflate and deflate via an air valve, which makes them a great bedroom accessory that you can take with you everywhere. They can be easily stored in a bag or suitcase and with a few puffs of breath, can be reinflated once you reach your destination.

  • Available in 3 styles
  • Colour: Black & Dark Blue
  • Size: Style A – 38cmx36cmx16cm / Style B – 28cmx32cmx22cm / Style C – 86cmx22cm

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