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Inflatable Sex Sofa with Cuffs

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Inflatable Sex Sofa with Cuffs

The Sex Sofa you’ve always dreamed of!  Any position is a good position when using this inflatable sex sofa. Lovers on their backs can use the sofa to lift their hips for deeper, more pleasurable angles. You can also use this remarkable little sofa to elevate your head, neck, or shoulders to find the perfect position for tongue-twirling fun.

The inflatable sofa shape supports a variety of angles and positions, helps ease of entry, enabling deeper penetration, easier access and surprising new sensations. They’re a great “booster” for oral sex too! And let’s not forget the added bonus of cuffs to restraint your lover leaving them vulnerable to be teased, pleasured and taken to new heights..

Air seal valve lets you inflate or deflate easily. Fold the sex sofa after passion, easy to store (under the bed or in a closet) and easy to carry everywhere to enjoy pleasure.

  • Size: Length 156cm (61inch) / Width 84cm (33inch) / Top Height 52cm (20inch) / Bottom Height 44cm (17inch)

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