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Lifelike Simulation Foot with Calf Model Platinum Silicone Leg

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This foot includes the calf, and the veins on the back of the foot are prominently prominent, which is very suitable for stockings display, and the toes are very neat and suitable for pointed shoes.

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  • Includes: 1 pair Foot model(Not Containing nails, does not Include Jewellery And other Accessories. The product is cloned from real Female foot, the product presents the perfect skin texture of the real model.
  • The Quality of TPE products: textured veins and blood vessels, with real colours, realistic feel using platinum Liquid silicone, completely solves the quality problems of ordinary materials, no odour, no need to add scent to cover the odour.


★ Differences in versions:

①Full Soft Silicone: The whole foot and calf is made of Liquid silicone material, whole feet without built-in bones. Toes can be bent but can not be fixed into a posture. The Soles, ankles and toes are all soft and can be bent at will but not fixed into position.

② Soles and ankle Skeleton: Soles and ankles have Built-in bones, Toes are without built-in bones ;Feet soles and ankles can not be bent and fixed; Toes can be bent at will ,but not fixed posture. This ensures the feet maintain the upright posture without ability to fix a position

③Toe bones: Soles and ankles have Built-in bone, Toes have built-in bones ; The soles and ankles can not be bent ,Toes can be bent and fixed into position.

④ All bones: Toes, Feet palm, ankles have Built-in bone; Toes, soles and ankles can be bent into fixed posture as will.

★ Note: These feet have a fused layer of soft nails on the toe surface. If you are using nail art, etc., you need to paste new nails. Please note that ordinary nail glue is suitable for frequent nail changes. , Because ordinary glue will not stick very firmly, you may need to stick your nails permanently, it is recommended to use “special glue for quick-drying silicone”.


No Bones, Soles + Ankle Skeleton, Toe Bones, All Bones

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