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One Pair Silicone Ultra Realistic Female Feet Podophilia

£494.99 +Tax

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Are you a lover of feet.  Podophilia the fetish of the foot.  These ultra realistic feet are made from medical grade silicone that give a real feel, and look like they are the real.

If you have a foot fetish then these feet are as close to the real thing as you can find.

Size: 38

1.True skin colour, red soles of the feet, Ambiguous vein…..
2. Same as real skin…
3. Beautiful and firm Toenails
4,Variety of different hardness silicone mixed, Create a different feeling in different…..
Before washing, only smear some baby powder one the feet,
then wash under water-top…can be very clean…
After dry, please smear some baby powder again,

Usage time

If there are any indentations on the foot, place them in hot water for a while, and the indentation will disappear slowly .

If the feet become dirty after prolonged use, clean them with a shower gel or detergent and add some talcum powder after drying.

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